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An anti lock braking system (ABS) is a system used on motor vehicles which prevents the wheels from locking while braking. Recent versions not only handle the ABS function itself but also traction control, brake assist and electronic stability controlamongst others. Malfunction of the ABS will cause the anti lock brake control module toshut off or inhibit the system, however normal power assisted braking remains. Most malfunctionsof the anti lock brake system and traction control system , if equipped will cause the yellow ABS warning indicator on the dashboard to be illuminated. 

We are the leaders in ABS module repair and have found a repaired or remanufactured module can often outlast a new or second hand module due to the fact that the inherent manufacturing flaws are addressed and rectified with better components and materials.

BOSCH ABS Modules found in Holden Ford and other European models that are visually similar 

Repaired with 12 months warranty 

Holden/ Ford $250 + GST

Vectra/ Astra $350 + GST 

Audi/Saab $350 + GST

VW Passat $350 + GST 

BMW ABS Bosch and ATE 

Repaired with 12 months warranty 

BMW X5/E39 $350 + GST 
BMW E90 $500 + GST 

 ATE ABS modules

Repaired with 12 months warranty 

ATE ABS Modules these units are fitted to a number of Volvo, VW, Jeep and BMW models 

BMW/Volvo/ Jaguar / Volkswagon $350 + GST

Repaired with 12 months warranty 

The ABS pump motor can have electrical failure causing the ABS ETS & BAS lights on the dash

MERCEDES ML ABS Pump repair $350 + GST

Pump power supply , power connection shown on codes C2116
MITSUBISHI LANCER ABS PUMP REPAIR $450 + GST (send module & pump ) 
JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE $450 + GST (send module & pump) 
BMW E90 $500 + GST  (send module & pump) 
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