Modern vehicles are now equiped with electronic climate controllers for maintaining the heating and air conditioning control inside the vehicle. These units control the fan speed, heater temperature and also all the vent operations. They us sensors to monitor the cabin temperature and adjust the settings accordingly to maintain a controlled enviroment. Some of the units suffer from fading displays to problems with the vent motors. Sometimes these climate controls incorporate other vehicle information or it may be a seperate unit. These additional displays show information such as temperature, average fuel consumption, washer water levels, warnings and time. These units can suffer from display fading due to the high incabin temperatures reached on hot days. 

BMW Climate control
These displays commonly suffer from random on /off situations or a complete failure. They can also experience button failure.

BMW E36 Climate control. Turning off/on. Repaired for $200 + GST

SAAB Information Displays
SAAB radio and information displays have common problems of pixels fading or disappearing pixels leaving the screen unreadable. We replace the old screen with new so any faded or cranked screens can be repaired.

SAAB Climate control units - lose segments from the displays making them difficult to read. Repaired for $200 + GST


These displays become unresponsive to touch
Repaired for $400 + GST


BMW CD73 Radio repair
Repaired for $350 + GST


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